Our practice days differ according to which particular school you are registered at. Please check our flyer/website or ask your coach.

Practice is right after school. In some schools, different grade levels practice at separate times. Please check our flyer/website or ask your coach.

If weather does not permit us to practice, all parents will be notified via

E-mail or text message at least 30 minutes prior to practice start time. If your child is NOT in aftercare, you must pick him/her up.

We have scrimmage games at the end of every practice, and some schools even have competitive Saturday games.

Students should bring athletic clothes (t-shirt, shorts) and sneakers or cleats to change into after school

(No sandals, flip-flops or dress shoes). This is NOT mandatory, but highly encouraged. Also, students MUST bring their own water bottle (the bottle could be empty and filled at school water fountain)

This varies according to school, some payments cover 4 classes, and others cover up to 8.

Our practices are either one hour or 45 minutes according to grade level

Great news! Practice takes place at your school! On Campus!

We do NOT provide refunds

If your child is in aftercare, their coach will walk them over to the practice
field or court and walk them back to their aftercare class after practice. If
your child is NOT in aftercare, the parent/guardian must be present unless
there is a designated waiting area at your school
(Ask the school or your coach)

Water bottle and the uniform that we provide + sneakers
(Must wear Cleats AND shin guards for soccer games)

Yes! We absolutely encourage parents to come watch and support at
practices and games!